Q. When will the fibercreek network be live?

A. Fibercreek launched its initial location in October 2019 and will continue to expand areas in the near future.

Q. Why is your company called fibercreek if you only offer radio service?

A. Fibercreek will start with radio coverage, targeted at areas completely lacking any internet service initially. Radio service alone however, cannot fully cover our region due to our mountainous terrain and thick foliage. Fibercreek will invest in fiber optic technology to reach new places and eventually replace radio coverage completely in the coming years.

Q. Why has broadband taken so long in Allegany County?

A. There are many reasons why we don’t currently have broadband service on this end of Allegany County, but the main reasons are economics and geography. While our trees and mountains provide the most beautiful scenery in the world they tend to make it difficult to obtain a clear line of sight necessary for a strong radio signal. The distances between most houses and our population density make other options like fiber impossible to justify financially.

Q. Why radios, and not another technology?

A. With radio coverage, we are able to rapidly deploy a coverage area without incurring excessive debt. We intend to re-invest our profits quickly after startup in order to fill in gaps in the coverage area as much as possible.

Q. What can I do to help?

A. The best way to help is to sign up on our registration page. We need as many signups as possible to determine priority area for the project.

Q. Do you service Greenspring, WV?

A. Soon!