The Fibercreek network is being build out in phases starting with a broadcast tower in Flintstone (“Twiggtown”), Maryland. This network is being built to provide the most powerful internet connection ever in Eastern Allegany county and is designed to provide service to establishments currently stuck with dial-up or expensive satellite internet.

Our system utilizes cutting edge wireless networking devices to deliver broadband internet at a cost effective rate, without compromising performance.


Carrier grade wireless networking can be challenging especially in an area as rugged and forested as Allegany County. While we eventually hope to cover every unserved establishment on the Eastern side of Allegany County, Fibercreek will work with you to determine if a signal can be obtained at your location and if acceptable speeds are possible.

This network map is our best guess at how well our service will perform and an estimate if our signal can hit your location. Even if you are in a shaded area, many factors could prevent us from getting a good signal at your location like trees, buildings, electromagnetic interference or other obstructions. We will ensure that there is a strong enough signal when we visit before we perform an installation. This map reflects both current and near future coverage areas which means even though you are in the green there may still be a delay in service availability.

If you are outside of the shaded areas above we still urge you to sign up. This helps us to figure out where we need better coverage. We will notify you as soon as we bring service to your location.